The Pantheon of Gods

Dirio has ten known and widely worshipped deities. Each have their own goals and powers, though they don’t often involve themselves in the affairs of the mortal races. Usually one of The Myotis is created in favour of a God entering the world as their avatars, but when an avatar does arrive on Dirio, the world shakes. All the deities have relationships with each other, and life in the Heavens can become highly political. Click here for information on The Creation of Dirio.

The Deities

Satiander, God of Justice, Truth, Oaths, Order

Ishawna, Goddess of Light, Goodness, Hope, Purity

Gwengora, Goddess of Revelry, Alcohol, Music, the Arts

Diodassar, God of the Mind, Research, Understanding, Knowledge

Kandra, God of Nature, Storms, Earthquakes, Forest Fires

Naiwi, Goddess of Nature, Agriculture, Rain, Hearths

Waorg, Goddess of Magic, Intuition, Foresight, Chaotic Energies

Desdemonica, Goddess of Devils, Darkfire, Corruption, Subterfuge

Iss, God of Evil, Darkness, Hate, Pain, the Undead

Chadosis, God of Chaos, Murder, Anarchy, Confusion

The Pantheon of Gods

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