The Myotis

What is a Myotis?

A Myotis is quite simply a demigod. Blessed by a deity, Myotis are capable of amazing feats that no ordinary mortal could achieve by themselves. The balance to this is that Myotis are exceptionally rare entities, and are often extremely reclusive. Each of the First Races are capable of having Myotis among them, but how common these amazing entities are varies radically from race to race. The abilities of the Myotis can be divided into three areas: matters of age, matters of invulnerability, and matters of magic. Most Myotis possess but one of these gifts; a rare few possess two. Only nine possess all three abilities. These abilities surface as an individual reaches puberty, making Myotis comparatively normal and vulnerable during their youth. Myotis are struck by overwhelming wanderlust once their powers have come to fruition; many say this is the way the Gods ensure a Myotis realize their potential.

The Power of Age

A Myotis possessing power over age is completely immune to the effects of time. They do not grow old, nor do they weaken with time. Additionally, they are completely immune to the effects of disease and other such common afflictions that assails mortals. Furthermore, Myotis of Age are capable of manipulating time; they can change their appearance to whatever age they desire. Thus, a Myotis of Age can appear a child one moment and the next appear to be extremely elderly. This incredible longevity cannot be ended, however, without violence being taken. A Myotis of Age cannot die of old age. This leads to great melancholy among many of these fantastic individuals and occasional suicide. Great fortitude of mind and many endeavors are necessary to keep a Myotis of Age from fully realizing the crushing weight of immortality.

The Power of Invulnerability

A Myotis possessing the power of invulnerability is completely immune to damage, magical or physical, to their person. Attacks simply do not effect them; weapons bounce off as though striking the strongest of armour, magic seems to seep harmlessly into their skin. Few Myotis possess both the power of age and invulnerability, and the power of invulnerability is perhaps the rarest of the three. Great conflicts in history have been changed completely by these incredible individuals. Most of these great Myotis are forced to grow old, able to remember their glory days, but rapidly losing the ability to uphold the weight of their previous deeds. As such, many engage in some great conflict, then flee into obscurity to wither away quietly.

The Power of Magic

A Myotis possessing the power of magic is able to draw from a well of great energy, both divine and arcane. With proper training, a Myotis can accomplish feats far beyond what an ordinary spellcaster is capable of. Wizards find that spells flow easily into their mind, and do not leave unless they will them too. Sorcerors find they can wield their spells as often as they desire. Clerics and Druids do not need to pray to return their spells; they are constantly available to them. Furthermore, the energies wielded in this way are far more potent than ordinary spells. Capable of astounding feats of magic, Myotis of Magic find themselves limited only by their own lifespan and mortality, barriers that they can often overcome.

Myotis Among the Races

Each First Race has varying numbers of Myotis. It is agreed across the land that Humans have the most Myotis (rumour has it that there are over 40 Human Myotis), followed by the Elves (numbers in the high twenties). The other races cease to be approximations, generally due to the dramatically lower number. Orcs have had 13 Myotis, all of which save one have caused great conflict and have been either slain or imprisoned. The Gnomes have had eight, two of which remain today. The Dwarves have had six, two of which remain today. The Halflings have had three, and all live at present. The final of the First Races, the Dragons, have had but one Myotis in all their exsistence; Fawr Hun, the mighty Copper Dragon. Rumours, legends and myth surround all of these great individuals, with varying accounts on what powers they possess.

The Nine

Although all Myotis have lore steeped around their existence, there are no more mysterious or powerful Myotis as the Nine. These individuals are Myotis who possess all three of the great gifts of the Myotis. As such, they stand as God’s among mortals, unlimited in their potential and power. Many argue that the Nine are actually numbered at six; few believe the legends of the three Elves who share the combination of powers that are otherwise strictly Human. Three represent forces of good: Merdlock, Filmaril, and the Gentle Archon. Three represent forces of darkness: Morticus, Ishtar, and Julian. Finally, if rumours are to believed, there are three Elves that represent neutrality: the Watcher, the Adviser and the Dreamer. Accounts of all of them vary widely and the three Elves are seen so rarely that many doubt their existence.

The Myotis

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