The Creation of Dirio

The validity of the following tale has not been properly verified. Those who have the power to speak with the Gods are tight-lipped on the matter, and no means of persuasion yet tried have succeeded in ascertaining the truth. Most, however, take the following as legitimate and the Nexum Council maintains that it is accurate. Thus, narrative or fact, I give you the tale of Dirio’s creation…

Althander, Myotis King of Aver

The Great Abyss was all that was known before Creation. Nothing was, nor could be; blackness was eternal and absolute. This continued for unknown ages, time having no meaning in the blackness. Then, in a flash, there was something. An immense and powerful something who called Herself Naiwi. The Great Abyss caused Naiwi great sorrow, for she felt that the blackness could be more. Thus, she began to sing; her song echoed across the Great Abyss, and when the echo returned she knew she would have a child. For millenia Naiwi was with child, singing to the infinite blackness that was the Abyss. Her songs caused pinpricks of light to appear in the blackness, and soon the stars were born.

In the starlight Naiwi gave birth to Kandra. He grew swiftly, and soon was strong. He came to love Naiwi’s song, and in time the Goddess herself. They frolicked together in the blackness for untold ages, as stars died and were replaced by their joyous laughing. Kandra would gather the remnants of the stars and make great rocks and spheres, throwing them about the blackness. And Naiwi came to love Kandra, love his creations and vigour. And they lay together in the Great Abyss, that was rapidly becoming the Universe. From their union came twins; a beautiful girl, Ishawna, and a twisted son, Iss.

The family set to creating things, just as Kandra had done while he courted Naiwi, and soon the Great Abyss became the Universe and dozens of planets were spread throughout the vast expanse. And as they created the worlds, Ishawna found that she was with child. In time she gave birth to Satiander, fair and strong. And they loved each other from the start. Hateful Iss watched and envied. Soon Ishawna was with child again, the child of Satiander. And Iss’s envy grew.

“Why must I wither alone while others know love and kindness? Why must I be cursed with the inability to create life as my naive sister does?” Iss would ask his mother. And Naiwi would merely smile and tell him not to speak ill things, for there was much to be created and maintained. None save Naiwi and Iss knew of his envy. And so unknowing Ishawna gave birth to Gwengora, whose joy echoed across the universe.

With the birth of the beautiful and joyful child, Iss’s envy grew too great and he threw himself at Satiander. “Why must you be loved by her, she who is so pure and good? Where is the balance in that! Battle me for her love!” And Satiander, though he had no wish to fight, was bound by his honourable nature. They battled across the Universe and many of the delicate spheres the Gods had been shaping and filling with life were turned to dust. And from the great energy the two Gods threw at each other, a Goddess was born. Waorg, chaotic and mighty arose from the energies. And she ended the battle between the two Gods with the aid of Ishawna.

“My love is not one to be battled for, Iss, and if you had won I would never have stood by you. Leave Satiander be and go back to your misery,” Ishawna demanded, and twisted Iss fled from his sisters goodly sight to his mother.

“See that I am capable of destroying what you would maintain if my needs are not met! See how the planets fall to me when I anger! Give me my desire or I shall destroy them all, for destruction is far easier than creation!” Iss demanded of his mother. And the Goddess, feeling pity for her son and fearing his anger, willed herself to be full of life again. And so she was, and Iss watched over her as she grew with babe.

Naiwi gave birth to Desdemonica, but it was a terrible birthing that left the great Goddess much weakened. “Aid me, my son, that I may continue to create the worlds,” Naiwi begged. But Iss merely sneered and said “What good are you to me? I have my mate, my dear Desdemonica. You can fade into oblivion, for I care nothing for you nor creation.” And thus did Iss flee from his mother's sight, cradling the babe Goddess. It was not until Kandra found his beloved Naiwi that the Goddess was able to rise and continue with the creation she loved so.

Desdemonica grew quickly, becoming an evil and terrible beauty. And in time she said to Iss: “I remember when I was a babe and you said you cared nothing for creation. But I care much for it, so surely you will bend this rule of yours and aid me.” And Iss said to her: “Of course, great love, I can aid you. But I find solace in what I remember of the Great Abyss. Infinite blackness is all I desire.”

Desdemonica smiled at this, and made love to twisted Iss, and together they sired brawny Chadosis. “This is the first creation I desired,” Desdemonica told her dark lover. “The next is a place of fire and darkness, where I may create as many things as I desire, and watch as they battle. For conflict pleases me.” Iss nodded his understanding and together they made the Hells.

Waorg was meanwhile with child, blessed with life in her belly without the aid of any God. And soon she gave birth to the babe, stern Diodassar, and in her ear the babe whispered the terrible knowledge of what Iss and Desdemonica did. Waorg went to Ishawna and said “Fellow Goddess and chosen of all things bright, your brother and his foul lover creates a place of evil unmatched.” And this was all Waorg said before disappearing to raise Diodassar, her eventual lover and partner.

Ishawna told Satiander of the great threat being created, and together they created the Heavens. And so began an endless and timeless battle, as the creations of the Heavens and Hells battled. Demons, devils, angels and solarii rose to take up the battle. And thus was the enmity of the Gods made eternal, personified in the conflict of these lesser creatures.

Meanwhile, away from the vast planes that became the Heavens and Hells, Naiwi and Kandra were filling worlds with life. And soon they decided the natural life that covered the planets needed watchers and guardians beyond the centaurs and feykind they had already created. So the two worked long and hard to create three great races: the Elves, the Dwarves, and the Dragons. And the races lived in harmony for a time, watching over the natural world and helping it grow and prosper.

But Chadosis saw this peace and was much displeased, casting confusion into the mortal races. And soon this confusion turned to anarchy. And then to total Chaos. The races began to war, and Ishawna and Satiander sought to stop this. They created beings of light and goodness, calling them humans, sending them to the world as emissaries of peace. But Iss and Desdemonica struck the humans with black energy, and the purity of the race was undone. Then the Dark God and Goddess created a foul race of creatures, bent on aiding their son’s efforts; the Orcs. But Ishawna and Satiander struck them with white energy, and the total darkness of the race was undone. Thus the wars became matters of the mortals, rather then the great gods.

Watching this great wave of creation cover the worlds, Waorg and Gwengora wished to create races too. But they knew if they did so alone, their races would be far weaker then the others. So they worked together, hoping to find some common ground for what they wished to create. But they could not agree, and appealed to Kandra. With Kandra’s aid each made their own race; Waorg made the Gnomes and Gwengora made the Halflings. Thus were the First Races made. In times to come other races would be created, either by the intermingling of existing species or by the will of one deity, but never again would two deities work together to make mortal races.

Conflict and great changes spread across the worlds, but creation proper was over.

The Creation of Dirio

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