The Countries of Dirio

History has seen many nations come and go on Dirio. Power shifts, racial enmity, religious conflict and the constant question of Myotis rulers are just a few of the problems that arise between nations and within.


Human Nations

Aver – The Chosen Realm of Knowledge

Contantiosis – The Great Empire

Getory – The Northern Tribes

Mithier – The Chosen Realm of Faith

Nastedy – The Chosen Realm of Magic

Nicolon – The Chosen Realm of Warfare

Shynam – The Land of the Spear

Sommel – The Merchant Kingdom

Verin – The Wandering Island

Elven Nations

Iblayrae – The Land of the Dark Elves

Telannissir – The Land of the Old Elven Courts

Weystari – The Land of the Rebel Elves

Dwarven Nations

Kar harack – The Ancestral Clanlands

Jaleox – The Enslaved Nation

Gnomish Nation

Tokstik – The Gnomish Homeland

Halfling Nations

Jagleburg – The Mountain Village

Karginport – The Smuggler Port

Thimbleton – The Halfling Homeland

Orcish Nations

Faldak – The Rebel Orcish Homeland

Griknoska – The Orcish Homeland

The Countries of Dirio

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