The Judge, the High Father

Intermediate Deity

Symbol: An upright warhammer on a dark blue circle

Alignment: Lawful Good

Porfolio: Justice, order, truth

Worshipers: Paladins, monks, humans

Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, LN

Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Strength

Favoured Weapon: Warhammer

Satiander is the pinnacle of law-abiding good among the Gods, marching across the Godplane in shining plate mail wielding his great golden warhammer, Spes.


Satiander teaches adherence to the law in combination with pursuing a goodly life. Above all, justice should be maintained. Defending the innocent, upholding goodly rulers and constantly questioning things ethically are all tenants of the Judge. This questioning, however, must be tied with action; Satiander has little patience for those who sit and think without acting. Thus, his followers should consider a course of action thoroughly but swiftly, and then act to do the most amount of good possible. Evil is actively sought out and eliminated by Satiander, leading to great hostility between him and the darker gods.

Clergy and Temples

The clergy of Satiander is almost exclusively human and dwarven. There is very little flexibility within the tenants of the Judge, meaning only the most devote and pure find a lasting place within the Church. The human churches and dwarven temples work together towards common goals if necessary, but disagreements are common. Dwarven followers often put excessive emphasis on the clans and their interaction with lawful authority (in the eyes of humans) just as the humans reverence of “the High Father” as their creator is prideful and excessive (in the eyes of the dwarves). Human worshippers are prominent members within the Nexum Council of Mithier, attending council meetings perhaps the most regularly of all faiths save Ishawna.

The human church is governed by a Grand Judge, with two Paladin Marshals as his aides. The position is elected by members of the church, though those elected are often relatives of the last Grand Judge. The position cannot be resigned, and the Grand Judge is often the target of assassination attempts by rival churches. The Paladin Marshals acts as body guards to the often elderly Grand Judge, and are bound by honour to keep their post until death. The church is divided between the paladins and the actual clerical body. Both sects interact effectively together. The Paladins maintain very little rank amongst each other beyond their Marshals, and generally travel the world working to do good. The clergy possesses a variety of ranks working up to the Grand Judge and the Nexum Councillors.

The dwarven temple lacks the supreme ruling figure of the human church, instead deferring to the various clan leaders. Indeed, paladins within the temple generally work towards upholding the clans and their order. The dwarves usually defer to the oldest clerics when something must be decided or judged, making the temple integral to the working of Kar'harack dwarven society. Like most non-human temples, the dwarves following Satiander have nothing to do with the Nexum Council.

Other races following Satiander are generally forced to join either the human or dwarven sects, although small churches of other races do exist dotted across Dirio.


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