The Stormfather, the Lord of the Elements

Greater Deity

Symbol: A green circle

Alignment: True Neutral

Porfolio: Nature, storms, earthquakes, forest fires

Worshipers: Druids, rangers, sailors

Cleric Alignments: NG, N, NE

Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Favoured Weapon: Club

Kandra appears in a variety of forms among the Gods but his most common form is that of a man with lightning for a beard and bark brown skin. He grips his favoured weapon, a treant named Queldorel that acts as a club for the Stormfather.


Kandra presides over a massive body of followers. He expects vigilance in protecting nature and punishes those who slack in this pursuit. He expects both respect and fear of nature, since it can be either creative or destructive. He encourage his followers to similarly divide their time. Druids of the Stormfather are capable of great destruction on his behalf but also often pursue creative endeavors. Violence is part of balance, as is peace. Both should be pursued when the time is right and Kandra expects his followers to judge such times themselves. Unnatural acts and creatures are to be punished and obliterated as quickly as possible.

Clergy and Temples

The clergy of Kandra is spread across many races on Dirio. The Elves, Dragons, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings all worship him as one of their creators. As such, all of these races have their own temples and traditions to the Stormfather. Humans are also frequent adherents, though they form more a collection of druidic circles than a church. The formal church is represented at the Nexum Council, though attendance is typically low. Even the massive cathedral to Kandra within the city is run by a skeleton staff, though it is said that the Stormfather himself requested its construction. Sailors and those braving the elements also offer up prayers to Kandra but rarely is he their primary deity.

The temples of all the races work together, convening in druidic meeting places and furthering the often mysterious goals of the Lord of the Elements. The church works closely with these temples and it is often not possible to differentiate the two. Both organizations are headed by the same Hierophant Druid, who commands a select circle of Archdruids. This organization predates many other religious institutions of Dirio.


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