The Black Prince, the Great Master

Intermediate Deity

Symbol: A red tear drop on a black circle

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Porfolio: Evil, darkness, hate, pain, the Undead

Worshipers: Sadists, the mad, necromancers

Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, CE

Domains: Death, Evil, Destruction

Favoured Weapon: Scythe

Iss is the manifestation and (many say) the creator of evil among the gods. He rarely is seen even by the gods, and when he chooses to appear he wears only black and red. He wields a scythe named Neco and has deathly pale skin. Long purple hair forms tendrils down his back and his eyes shine with madness.


Iss maintains that destruction is a means to return the universe to its natural state of blackness and nothingness. Eradicating the innocent, maintaining a tyrannical rule sanctioned by the Black Prince and creating droves of undead are all tenants of Iss. Active action towards destruction is expected, and although obliteration is the eventual goal Iss will accept tyranny as a substitute until means become available. Good should be actively eliminated, whether directly or through manipulation. Manipulation is often preferred, since it demonstrates the futility of good more apparently than overt action. Iss reviles all the gods save Desdemonica and Chadosis.

Clergy and Temples

The clergy of Iss is primarily humanoid: orcs in particular worship him as their creator. Among non-humanoid races, there are pockets of worshippers among humans, half-orcs and half-elves. By far human practitioners are most common, however, and beyond these three groups worship of Iss is almost unheard of. Elves and dwarves actively seek out and destroy such followers in their own races, while Halflings and Gnomes exile them. The worshippers of Iss are not allowed a place in the Nexum Council of Mithier, and no bid for their inclusion as ever has been made.

The actual ruling structure of Iss’ clergy is largely unknown by the common people. Dark rumours of cults spread about the world and orcish high priests are largely unsubstantiated. Many safely suspect, however, that the ruling structure of Iss is based firmly in Griknoska.


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