The Healer, the High Mother, the Light

Intermediate Deity

Symbol: A white tear drop on a light blue circle

Alignment: Neutral Good

Porfolio: Purity, goodness, hope

Worshipers: Healers, midwives, virgins, humans

Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, CG

Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Sun

Favoured Weapon: Mace

Ishawna is the embodiment of purity and hope among the Gods, traversing the Godplane in all white robes. She generally walks without a weapon, full of tranquility and watchful of the weak among the Gods and the mortal.


Ishawna presides over a relatively diverse group. Above all, she expects her followers to be goodly and to uphold good in the world, but she also encourages the seeking out and ending of evil. The elimination of evil need not be violent, however, and Ishawna preaches peaceful resolution of conflict before violence. Accepting and tolerant to her own faithful, Ishawna also accepts philosophers into her faith, encouraging free thought and free actions within the bounds of goodly conduct. Followers are expected to abhor undeath, necromancy, and other dark pursuits. Ishawna maintains that through Herself and Satiander (and indeed only through them) can true goodness be achieved.

Clergy and Temples

The clergy of Ishawna possesses small pockets of followers in every goodly or neutral race save that of humanity. Humanity reveres Ishawna as the absolute ruler of the Gods, subordinate even to Satiander. Indeed, even clerics of other Gods who are human reserve a certain amount of veneration for the High Mother. With this massive following of humans, and the considerable numbers of other races’ followers, Ishawna is arguably the most worshipped deity in all of Dirio. Few deities, save perhaps Naiwi, offer themselves up so easily to the common people of the world; Ishawna’s followers are often the farmers and tradesmen of the world. Young women in particular owe honour to Ishawna, and a large percentage of Her clergy is female.

The human Church of Ishawna interacts well with the more universal Temple of Ishawna, presided over by Her other followers. Although the Temple rejects the supremacy of Ishawna among the Gods, they still concede she is a highly important deity and the creator of humans, which is usually enough for the Church. The Temple has nothing to do with the human-based Nexum Council of Mithier, while the Church makes up the largest part of the council and preside over all the ceremonies that occur there. The Church is governed by the Bishop-Queen Sabine of Mithier, who is attended by a College of Bishops who represent the voice of the people in the Church. The Temple, on the other hand, is maintained by a powerful representative from each races clergy to Ishawna. The Bishop-Queen often interacts with the Temple Council, discussing matters of philosophy and looking to them for wisdom and guidance. Many pessimists note that the Bishop-Queen often argues for the Temple to conform to “the true faith” of Ishawna, but Temple officials seem to accept this dogmatism peaceably.


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