The Stern One, The Cowled Scholar, the Seeker

Intermediate Deity

Symbol: An open palm

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: The mind, research, understanding, knowledge

Worshipers: Scholars, wizards

Cleric Alignments: LN, N

Domains: Knowledge, Law, Protection

Favoured Weapon: Staff

Diodassar is rarely seen outside of his massive library on the Godplane. He appears the quintessential scholar, with simple brown robes and a cowl. Always nearby is his simple staff, Dedici.


Diodassar is severe deity, who has a number of rules and regulations for his worship. Knowledge must be maintained, protected, and spread. This sharing should not be selective: all have a right (if not an obligation) to learn in the eyes of Diodassar. Goals should be achieved intelligently and in an orderly fashion. Free thinking that leads to the growth of knowledge is encouraged, but theft or disorder is frowned upon. Knowledge is of paramount importance, and knowledge can most effectively be spread in an orderly fashion that makes it available to everyone.

Clergy and Temples

Scholars make up the majority of Diodassar’s clergy, along with wizards and other people who value learning. Since Diodassar did not have a hand in the creation of any of the First Races, he lacks a dominant racial group that praise him as their maker. The country of Aver, however, maintains his largest churches and largest clergy. Elves and Gnomes, with their numerous wizards, also have significant temples to Diodassar. Despite these groups, Diodassar has a smaller body of worship than other deities that appeal more to the common folk of Dirio. Nonetheless, the church of Diodassar has a prominent place in the Nexum Council of Mithier. The scholars and wizards who make up this group attend every session and often have an active voice in the policies that are ratified by the council.


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