Welcome to Dark Fire

Welcome traveler, you look a bit world weary. Come rest by the fire so that we can discuss the journey ahead. I'm sorry to say the fire doesn't give much light. Or much heat. But it burns on and that must be enough for an old man such as me. What is your story?

The continent of Dirio has been overcome by strange rumors of goings on and dark dealings. In the small village of Crowsford, the resident wizard has issued a call for help in finding his missing apprentice. He supplies you with few details and only the promise of a good deed or coin to motivate you. As you journey to the village, tales of a cursed cave far to the north reach your ears. Those journeying near have been having dreams of a vile green fire burning them in the night. What such a thing could mean and what awaits you in Crowsford remains a mystery…

Dark Fire

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