Pathfinder Resources

The following is intended as a non-exhaustive selection of resources available online for creating your character and playing the game.

General Introduction

General Index

Races - The core races are likely to be the easiest for a first character but feel free to look over the "Other Paizo Races" and let me know if any stand out to you as interesting.

Classes - Again, the core classes are likely to be the easiest for a first character but you are free to choose from the list of Base Classes or Hybrid Classes if any stand out to you.

Using Skills – The rules on how you use skills in Pathfinder. As with all the rules document, don't feel obligated to look through this unless you are curious. Everything will be gradually introduced.

Skills List - This is the list of the various skills in Pathfinder. Feel free to glance at any that stand out to you. Want to be a master of languages? Take a look at Linguistics. Want to be able to spot an ambush at fifty paces? Read over Perception.

Feats - This unwieldy list is all the various feats you can choose from. Take a look but don't be intimidated. I'll provide suggestions for whatever class you end up choosing so that you don't have to pick from the whole monstrous list.

Traits - Every character gets to have two traits. You can choose any you qualify for but you cannot have two from the same category. For instance, you can choose a Faith Trait and a Family Trait but you cannot choose two Faith Traits. The rules details of the trait may be unclear at this point so just choose ones that sound appropriate for your character.

Equipment - The weapons, armour, and items that your character can start with. No need to spend too much time on this yet but feel free to browse it a bit to see the many options.

Combat Rules - The rules of combat. Feel free to look them over but no fear about the complexity. Combat will be introduced gradually.

Magic Rules - The rules of magic. Again, feel free to take a look but no pressure.

Spells by Class - The many magic spells in Pathfinder. Take a look for fun but I will provide further clarification to magic users.

Pathfinder Resources

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