The Berserker

Lesser Deity

Symbol: An upside down axe

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Porfolio: Chaos, murder, anarchy, confusion

Worshipers: Warriors, anarchists, the mad

Cleric Alignments: CN, NE, CE

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, War

Favoured Weapon: Battle Axe

Chadosis appears as a preposterously muscular man wielding an axe almost as big as his own torso. He is bare chested and he has curly golden hair. His axe is known as Chasm and it swirls with a violent orange energy.


Chadosis teaches that all things are irrelevant save survival and conflict. No element of existence matters more than being able to fell ones enemies and ensure domination of others through force. He advocates actively pursuing enemies to destroy and teaches that any friend is potentially an enemy in disguise. Despite this, some traditions state that Chadosis strongly believes in the camaraderie of warriors and the bond formed when individuals kill together. This aspect of Chadosis is hotly debated, however, and many feel this to be an invention of mortals rather than a mandate of the god.

Clergy and Temples

The clergy of Chadosis is one of the most disparate in Dirio. Large groups worship him as a more moderate deity of glorious warfare and as an extension of their own warrior culture. Smaller pockets revere him as a bloodthirsty madman who lacks these "unnecessary" trappings of honour and dignity. The true nature of the god is not entirely clear and this has led to a division between his followers that has been the source of no small amount of bloodshed. Many orcs and humans maintain allegiance to Chadosis in one form or another, with the northern nation of Getory being a particularly large group of followers.

There is no formal organization of the clergy, whether it be a temple or a church, and teachings are so varied that it is impossible to meaningfully speak to the differences of philosophy on the basis of particular groups. There has long been petitions to include Chadosis into the Nexum Council by members of his following but this has been completely ignored by all individuals who might have the power to enact such a change.


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